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“City staff with safety responsibilities have participated in the EPH workshops held in our communities and have seen first-hand the positive impact that they have on the preparedness and spirits of participants. By bringing this education to seniors where they are at, and by utilizing seniors as the presenters, the EPH model is by far the most effective senior disaster education process that I have come across in my many years in the profession of emergency management. “ 

Thomas Jordan, Emergency Manager

City of Petaluma

“I have had the opportunity to partner with EPH during our Lunch and Learn program. In their two-part emergency prep class, they prepare seniors with life-saving skills, instilling in them a sense of confidence and peace of mind. The instructors and speakers EPH brought in were not only knowledgeable, but also incredibly passionate about what they do. They went above and beyond to make sure seniors understood the importance of being prepared for unexpected emergencies. I am honored to be working with such a dedicated team."

Denise Johnson, Senior Nutrition and Health Director

Council On Aging, Santa Rosa

“Response from our residents has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Many have expressed appreciation for the attention to their safety, the go-bag supplies and comprehensive emergency information, and the opportunity to connect with their local first responders. We are grateful to Emergency Prep Help for providing this valuable service to help our residents stay safe.”

Sharon Patchin, Director of Resident Services

PEP Housing


“Senior education is critical and EPH is breaking down the steps to preparedness so seniors can work toward their own empowerment and safety. In disasters, individuals that keep themselves informed, safe, and cared for allow first responders the capacity to help those who are not able to be self-sufficient.”

Nancy Brown, Community Preparedness Manager

Sonoma County Dept of Emergency Mgmt

“The workshop was absolutely fabulous. I thought I knew everything there was to know about emergency preparation, but did I have the pack or anything? No, I never did, I always meant to. This workshop was so well organized. The materials were perfect, not overwhelming, easy to read. And we even got a go-bag to put our things in, so now I’m really energized to do something about it, finally!” 

Susan P, resident

PEP Housing, Petaluma

“Emergency Prep Help is ensuring our communities are prepared and ready for our next disaster. This fantastic work will save many lives and provide first responders an opportunity to focus on the emergency and less on helping the civilians evacuate.”

Chad Costa, Assistant Fire Chief

Petaluma Fire Department

“EPH is a powerful program that teaches all aspects of what to do before an emergency. Their experience and personal loss are real-life tools that instill vital and life-saving information to those who attend EPH workshops. Importantly, attendees also receive go-bags, weather radios and printed materials to be better prepared. Local Fire and Police Department representatives build resilience and cooperation that encompasses entire communities. Neighbors helping neighbors and residents supporting their local emergency staff and officials. We are all in this together!” 

Mary Lockhart, Resident Services Senior Properties

Burbank Housing, Santa Rosa

“I have been a first responder for over 30 years, and have seen many trainings for our communities. Emergency Prep Help (EPH) has one of the best, well-thought-out presentations I have seen. Seniors are one of the most vulnerable populations, and EPH has created a plan BEFORE the incident for these valuable members of society. The content is simple and pertinent. I am honored to know EPH was able to interact with my community, and feel better knowing our seniors are prepared.”

Aaron Johnson, Deputy Chief

Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety

“EPH put on a very powerful workshop that was easy for our residents to follow. The response has been absolutely positive and enthusiastic. This was by far the best attended workshop I have had at my community in the last four years. Thank you, EPH, for bringing light to my community and giving my residents the tools they need in an emergency.”

Cindy Skinner, Resident Services Coordinator

Bethlehem Tower & Windham Village, Santa Rosa

“I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate all of it… knowing that there could be an emergency and that we are prepared…we can work towards this and enthuse other people to be as enthused as I am right now, because it’s really motivating.”

Margie D, resident

PEP Housing, Petaluma

“As a law enforcement agency, the Petaluma Police Department values our partnerships with local not-for-profit entities who increase public safety for our most vulnerable populations. Senior advocacy is at the top of our list. Emergency Prep Help provides our community, especially individuals in PEP Housing, active senior apartments or seniors living independently, with the resources necessary to successfully navigate through natural disasters and evacuations.  Sonoma County is fortunate to have a group of professionals such as this, bringing comprehensive safety education to our senior populations.” 

Jennifer Pritchard, Community Engagement Liaison (former)

Petaluma Police Department

“I cannot recommend Emergency Prep Help enough! Their presentations are incredibly thorough, and they present information in a way that is grounded in context and accessible to seniors.  Their personal experiences in emergent situations makes them especially qualified to help others prepare.  From what to pack to where to go, and a myriad of tips along the way, Emergency Prep Help for Seniors covers it all. Their guidance takes the overwhelm out of emergency preparation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our community!”

Kimberly Luck, Resident Program Director

Brookdale Paulin Creek, Santa Rosa

“I think it was wonderful. It was a lot of things I didn’t know, I wouldn’t think about. I would be fairly ill-prepared…this will really help me a lot. It was very practical, the information was really clear.... I would definitely recommend it for other seniors. I think it should be obligatory because otherwise we would depend too much on other people. We have to first try to take care of ourselves and then cooperate together. This was wonderful, thank you so much.”

Jackie M, resident

Brookdale Paulin Creek, Santa Rosa

“EPH is definitely helping first responders in emergencies by taking weight off the system. Focusing on ‘Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed.’ to get seniors prepared is where we like to focus too.” 

Neil Bregman, Emergency Preparedness Manager

Santa Rosa Fire Department

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